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general settings & client portal

Here we'll get all the basic settings set up so that your Dubsado account can run as smoothly as possible. From making sure you have all your branding set up, to connecting emails and editing terms on invoices. 

We also look at setting up the client portal, customising the url and designing graphics to make a beautifully branded client portal your clients will be super impressed with.

what you'll learn...

Familiarise yourself with the landscape of Dubsado

Brand Settings - how to get those brand colours into the link buttons

Dashboard - how to customise this

International Settings - how to make sure you are set to invoice in the right currency

Multi-Users - how to add in users to help you out with the admin and bookkeeping

Emails - how to connect your email address so that everything is coming from you and not Dubsado

Integrations - what you can integrate and how to set it up

Domain Name - how to change the portal url to your own business url and not Dubsado's

Custom Mapped Fields - how to create your own

Calendar - how to make sure your calendar is synced so you can use the schedulers

Project Funnels & Tags - what these are and how to customise them

Tracking Your Lead Source - how to customise these and where you should have these

Client Portal - how to customise this with your beautiful branding